PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc

We should together stand united for cooperation and take actions for Mekong river to be a perpetual flow of peace and lasting prosperous links for all countries and people in the region.

Third MRC Summit 2018
Siem Reap 5.4.2018

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Mekong river basin

The part of the Mekong River Basin in Viet Nam has a total area of about 71,000 km2, or 8 per cent of the basin area, and 20 per cent of the country’s territory. The part is of rivers, as follows:     In the North, Nam Rom and Nam Nua rivers have a total area of 1,650 […]

Mekong river basin (07/08/2020)

1. Geographical features The Mekong River rises from the high mountain area of Thanh Hai province and flows approximately 4.909 km through Van Nam province (China), continuing into Myanmar, Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Viet Nam before emptying into the Eastern Sea. The basin of the Mekong River drains a total land area of 795,000 km2, […]